20 Sep Out-of-focus thoughts about a new Fujifilm medium-format GFX 50S

Source: Olafs Photoblog

I decided to join the “hands-on” craze – from Vancouver!

I should have seen it coming. After all, we knew Fujifilm has been working on it for years (thanks to Zack Arias for pushing for it and Patrick of Fujirumors for such a great job providing us with all the pieces). And we knew it would be announced at this year’s Photokina. Despite these clues, titbits and mental preparation, it still hit me hard. In fact even the day after I still feel dizzy, sapped and out-of-focus – typical side effects of a G.A.S.* attack.

Today, I can gather my thoughts and I am finally able to hit the right keys on my keyboard. So here is my rant.

I am glad Fujifilm didn’t jump into the crowded and mostly boring full-frame (FF) market. Each time I visit my local photo store I see pricing wars on the full-frame cameras eating into already thin margins.

Over the last few years I have tried out different full-frame cameras and found the margin of difference in image quality between FF and the X-series line is so thin, if any in some cases, that I had zero interest in buying into the FF market. I am not even mentioning the fun factor while shooting with the X-Pro2 in comparison to the boring and uninspiring DSLR-me-too from Canikon.

In the meantime, the medium-format market was wide open for disruption. Pricing from Leica or Hasselblad has been sky-high (or as I like to view

Out-of-focus thoughts about a new Fujifilm medium-format GFX 50S posted on Olafs Photoblog on .

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