01 Jan Out of Africa

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My name is Lin Qi, and I am from China. I live in New York. I am a photographer, but I also do other jobs to fund my photo projects.

I love photography more than anything else. It may be because I am visually impaired by birth and cannot see things so well as other people do. I have been wearing my glasses since the age of 3, and I am night blind. Ophthalmologists have been telling me that one day I might lose my sight completely because my retinas are fragile. That is why I always have the urge and curiosity to see the world, visit more places and meet more people. In so doing, photography offers the best tool to keep the evidence of my seeing.

Fuji X-Pro2 . Fuji XF16mmF2.8 @16mm . f/2.8 . 1/300″ . ISO 200

Most of my photos are about Africa. My relation with African originates from my grandfather. He was a doctor specialized in infectious diseases and worked in Mogadishu, Somalia, in the late 1960s, as a member of the earliest medical teams sent by the Chinese government. His adventurous stories about Africa inspired me and led me to the continent.

Just before going to Africa, I bought my first camera, a Nikon DSLR, in 2010. Then, I went to Kenya in March 2011. At that time, I was working for a Chinese state-owned company, and photography was my hobby. As I was managing a project to build schools all over

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