02 Aug Out in the old | Dakota Crescent

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I have a cousin who just moved out of Dakota Crescent, the old ’50s housing estate which is about to be razed to make way for further redevelopment. Originally built to accommodate a growing population without adequate housing, it also housed many whose homes went up in flames in the kampung (village) fires in ’58 and ’59 respectively.1

The last time I visited said cousin at her flat was when I was a little girl (only yesterday, surely!), and would have forgotten all about the old estate if not for its soon-to-be-demolished status. Aside from the handful of stragglers waiting to leave, it’s mostly empty now, save workman removing the debris of old life, and those who weave through on their way elsewhere.

A playground of the times. I played in playgrounds much like this as a kid (this particular one was built a year before I was born). It’s funny to look at it through rose tint, now that so few of these remain. This one is slated to be demolished, along with the old housing estate surrounding it, very soon. Dakota Crescent, Singapore, July 2017

I visit more often now that it’s almost empty, especially in the middle of the day, before the MRT (local metro) stations and buses disgorge the post-work and -school masses. It’s an hour’s bus ride from where I live, longer after the traffic builds at rush hour. Mostly, I go there for its quiet and space, a rarity in this

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