11 Mar OPPO launches Find X3 Pro featuring 50MP ultra-wide camera and billion-color capture

Source: DP Review

OPPO has launched its latest smartphone in its Find X Series, the Find X3 Pro. The flagship Android device is the first to feature a camera that can capture, process and display one billion colors with OPPO’s proprietary Full-path 10-bit Colour Management System. For comparison, most smartphone screens display 16.7 million colors. It also comes equipped with a Dual-flagship camera that can zoom in up to 60x for microscopic photography.

‘We have taken inspiration from the depths of the cosmos, from the future, and the past, to deliver OPPO Find X3 Pro, created to fit seamlessly in your life while opening it to new worlds. Every millimeter, inside and out, is designed to be powerful and flexible, immersive and always sparking beautiful emotions with Billion Colour brilliance,’ said OPPO’s President of Global Marketing, Lie Liu.

The Find X3 Pro is shaped by 2,000 control points, measures 8.26mm deep, and weighs 193 grams. An IP68 rating makes it water and dust-resistant. A 6.7-inch screen with a QHD+ (3216 x 1440) OLED display has a 525PPI pixel density, maximum brightness of 1300 nits, a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a color accuracy rating of 0.4 JNCD.

A quad-camera system outfits the X3 Pro. Its wide and ultra-wide lenses featuring an IMX766 50MP sensor, and a 4cm macro focus distance, was co-created with Sony. Along with a 60x microlens capable of 60x magnification, 4K 10-bit video can be recorded in log format. A 32MP, F2.4 selfie camera

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