12 Mar Opinion: Stop worrying about new cameras and love the one(s) you’ve got

Source: DP Review

I’ve recently found myself in the following situation: Over the course of just a couple months, the two main digital cameras I shoot with have both been replaced by new models. This includes my everyday, ‘personal’ camera in the Fujifilm X100F and my ‘gig’ camera in the Nikon D750.

With the announcement of the X100V and D780, in the blink of an eye my kit suddenly went from feeling fresh to feeling like last night’s leftovers. But the more I dig into the differences between these modern generations of cameras and the generation which I own, the more I feel relieved. If you’re in a similar situation, let me assure you, it gets easier. Here’s why.

Pixel counts are leveling out

The megapixel wars have largely wound down and most brands aren’t fixating on increasing the number of pixels in a camera with each subsequent generation, as they have in the past. This is a trend we’re starting to see across the board from multiple brands. Case in point: my D750 has the same number of pixels as the D780, and the X100V offers only a modest 2MP gain over my X100F.

This is not to say neither brand has improved the image quality in these updated models. Indeed the D780 has far nicer JPEGs than the D750. That’s an important improvement, but not one that necessarily matters to me as a Raw shooter.

With the Fujifilm, I tend to stick to JPEG shooting and there’s no real difference

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