20 Oct One year with the Fuji X System

Source: Fuji Love

It’s been little over a year since I made the switch from Nikon to Fuji, and on the eve of moving from the X-T1 to the X-T2 I thought it would be a good time to review what the system has been like long term used in a wide variety of situations.

I’ve already written various blog articles about the specific aspects of the X System that I like so this article is going to be more about what it’s been like using the system and the things that still stand out to me one year later.

The first thing to say is that over the last year I’ve taken more images and been inspired to take my camera out more times than any year since I first started photography, and that a large part of that is due to how much I enjoy using the Fuji X System. As I write this I’m island hopping around the Azores and it still amazes me how much I simply enjoy using these cameras and how much confidence I have that they’ll deliver, so why exactly is this?

Perhaps the greatest change, one I still notice and one that was instrumental in making me switch, is the size and weight. It’s been so liberating using a system that shaves around two and a half kilograms off my previous dSLR system and yet still gives me the same level of control and quality. In the past, particularly towards the end of a

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