19 May ON1 NoNoise AI announced: Promises fastest and best noise reduction on the market

Source: DP Review

Earlier this month, Oregon-based ON1 announced a new state-of-the-art noise reduction application, ON1 NoNoise AI. ON1 is well known for its flagship photo editor, ON1 Photo RAW, and its series of plug-ins, like ON1 Effects, ON1 Resize and ON1 HDR.

Leveraging the artificial intelligence underpinning ON1’s software, including its recent ON1 Portrait AI plug-in, NoNoise AI ‘aims to give better results than any other noise reduction application on the market today.’ It’s a lofty goal. The app uses AI-based machine learning to remove luminance and color noise while maintaining the detail in an image. ON1 promises that the app will differentiate itself from the competition through its results and its speed.

ON1 claims that its new NoNoise AI application is up to ten times faster than other leading image noise removal products.

‘This product has been in development for quite a while. We’ve constantly been training the AI models, reviewing results, and comparing those results with other noise removal products out there today. It was no easy task,’ says Dan Harlacher, VP of Product at ON1. ‘We knew there was a high bar to clear to say this is the fastest and best product for removing image noise while giving photographers the best results.’

Before (left) and after (right) using NoNoise AI. Click to enlarge. Image credit: ON1

ON1 NoNoise AI offers fast live previews and includes an Auto mode that incorporates

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