03 Feb On the run with the FUJIFILM X-Pro2

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By James Carnegie

“Never go into a shoot with kit you don’t know inside out: it’s a recipe for disaster”. My ancient photography tutor’s voice from way back rang clear as our flight circled Belfast, descending through the mist to land. The only two people onboard choosing to wear shorts and running gear, on an early December Irish morning (it’s not known for warm winters…) wasn’t the only questionable decision that day: the X-Pro2 and lenses, wrapped in spare running socks & thermals between my feet, that had arrived by courier the afternoon before were completely alien to me.

Having never shot mirrorless (my only Fujifilm experience being an early S2 Pro back when DSLR’s were an eyebrow raiser) or from a digital display, I was really keen to see what all the fuss was about. Why change if it ain’t broken was my motto, in reference to DSLR/mirrorless. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying out new kit, pushing my boundaries and experimenting: I genuinely believe it’s the only way we grow as photographers. I just felt like this was possibly going to end badly.

It had begun as a harmless whatsapp chat with a good running friend – “Want to go for a run next Friday?” An hour later and things had escalated. Another person with a running problem had joined in, we were booked on a ludicrously cheap flight to Belfast with the goal of running up Northern Ireland’s highest mountain and down in time for the last flight home. I added further pressure to an already questionable idea by sharing the concept with the Editor of the UK’s biggest selling running title, Mens Running, who promptly commissioned me to write and shoot a 5 page feature about it.

3 years ago, another absolute howler of a decision saw me document (and run) a 250km race through the Sahara desert (see feature), which was hot. I trashed my digital compact on Day 1 (sand, surprisingly, the culprit) and was left with the Nikon SLR, 50mm f1.8 & 3 rolls of Fujifilm Sensia I’d taken on a whim. All perfectly reasonable were it not for the fact that you had to carry everything you needed, including food, to survive 6 days in the wilderness. So I knew a thing or two about combining running with photography, its complications, limitations and hazards. DSLR’s, as great as they are, are just heavy. When you start substituting the great …

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