12 Feb On the road

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Fuji cameras and gear for work

I have been shooting with Fujifilm X-cameras for enough years now, that I take for granted many of the features that brought me to the cameras in the first place. One of those features is portability. Something I was reminded of while hefting my camera backpack around Vancouver on a recent work trip.

Getting to my work assignments often involves flying by seaplane or helicopter between Victoria and downtown Vancouver. A trip that I might make one or more times a week. Occasionally, Winter weather makes getting around a bit more complicated. On those occasions, I will take a ferry, transit or drive a car. Sometimes all three. And, there is inevitably a lot of walking. With gear.

The other morning, as my camera bag was weighed at the terminal, I was reminded how great it is to be carrying a bag of gear that weighs only 21 pounds. This includes the bag, two bodies (X-T2 with grip and X-Pro2), at least three lenses (16-55, 50-140 and 10-24), a 15-inch MacBook Pro, portable hard disk, flash and battery pack for the flash and some spare batteries for the cameras. Plus some Clif bars and assorted extras. The configuration of the bag might change, gaining or losing a pound or two, but this is essentially everything I need for work. And it is the gear I carry with me onto seaplanes, helicopters, ferries, rapid transit and buses, and on my back while walking.

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