22 Apr On test: Fujifilm X-T2

Source: Fujifilm Insider

The latest mirrorless offering from Fujifilm promises an update to the popular X-T1 and boasts the same X-Trans sensor as their X-Pro 2. I was eager to see how the X-T2 compared.

Using the X-T2 down at the coast for some seascapes, I was impressed by the overall usability; it is easy to get on with. Finding a shot that was too wide for the lens I had on it, I switched the camera to portrait orientation and shot a quick handheld panorama. The in-camera stitching worked a treat and the colour rendition and detail were as pleasing as they had been in the X-Pro 2.

Ergonomically, the X-T2 is an evolution of the X-T1. Its looks have a traditional, slightly retro appeal, and almost all the settings you would wish to adjust are accessible via physical controls. The top plate provides three large dials: ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation. The ISO dial has a secondary ring below it that is used to select shooting mode: single shot, continuous high speed, movie mode, panorama, and so on. Below the shutter speed dial you can select metering mode. Both these two main dials can be locked to prevent accidental shifting. In addition, there is a thumb wheel on the back and a right index finger wheel…

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