24 May On Assignment: Mum for Fuji

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One of the cool things about Fuji is they are constantly asking photographers how to make their cameras better. And then listening. I’ve been using a pre-production X-Pro 2 since October. One of the photos I did for them (the only one where I used flash, actually) is the miniature chrysanthemum seen above.

Up for a quick game of Guess the Light? Then take a moment before reading on. And I’ll give you this much: it’s done with a single speedlight.

How to Make a Camera

At Fuji, they bring photogs into the design process, hashing it out back and forth right across the table from the engineers. I first saw physical prototypes of the X-Pro 2 early on, working with a group of photographers from the US and Canada.

I wasn’t paid; not even travel expenses. This is something you consider to be an honor: the chance to help ensure a flagship camera is the best it can possibly be from the standpoint of the people who will be using it. What more could you ask of a camera company as a photographer, right?

And while we are for obvious reasons not allowed to go into specifics of the decision process, I can tell you that it was … a spirited discussion. Photographers are passionate about the priorities in a pro-level camera. And engineers, God bless them, rather insist on obeying the laws and limitations of physics and cost structures.

It was a full day of intense discussion. Photographers vs. engineers, photographers vs.…

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