24 May On Assignment: Leaf and a Dish

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As photographers, we often have to do outdoor portraits. And if we are lighting, that means hauling a lot of gear, fighting a lot of sun and dealing with the wind. But lately I’ve been working to pare the gear pack down to something that is reasonable in terms of cost, size and weight.

The photo above is a good example of what can be done with a minimal amount of well-chosen gear. With a little advance thought, you can overpower the sun, have good mobility and not have to worry about the wind.


What and Why

The photo was of opera singer Curtis Bannister, and was done for the Howard County Arts Council. I usually work without an assistant, so today it’s just me and Curtis.

Here are the goals of the gear pack:

I want to be able to overpower sun, to shoot with flash at a reasonable rhythm, to not worry about wind and to be able to work/move very easily without need of an assistant.

Here’s the whole kit. There’s not a lot there, granted. But I can easily overpower sun. And weight is just a few pounds, so it’s really portable. (Once assembled, you can grab the stand kit, throw it on your shoulder and move with ease.)

But while it is a small kit, most of the pieces here are chosen for a specific reason. Let’s walk through and take a look at each.

The Camera

No surprise here. A leaf-shuttered Fuji X100 series. Shown is my current X100T, but the photo at…

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