06 Jul Offline.

We are living in a world where almost everyone is online almost all the time. A world, where people would rather stare on small screens while waiting for a bus, a rendezvous or whatever else instead of being aware of and taking in their surroundings. A world, where we meet and communicate through social networks and instant messengers and neglect encounters with real people and face to face talking. A world, where our minds are no longer in the same place as our bodies, where we are no longer living in the here and now but somewhere online or in the future.

I am part of this world and I am participating in it as most everyone else does. But I feel increasingly unhappy about it; chasing Facebook posts, Instagram feeds and waiting for gratifying likes and comments on posts, checking emails, chatting over messengers and hustling and bustling through the virtual day. Trying to escape the race is difficult, self-discipline for turning of the phone (computer, tablet, whatever) sometimes (more often than not) lacking.

I longed for somewhere where I would have no access to the digital word per se, where I could spend time on my own, where I would be outdoors, where I would meet likeminded people and where I could exhaust myself physically.

Through chance I learned about the Kungsleden trail in the far north of Sweden above the arctic circle from a newspaper article. A trail where I wouldn’t encounter too many people in June