30 Jun Official Fuji X Photographer

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

I am thrilled to announce that Fuji Canada has asked me to be one of their Official Fuji X Photographers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the program, Fuji has a core group of 400-500 photographers around the world that are essentially brand ambassadors for the Fuji X Series.   It is not a paid position per se, but more of a collaborative one where we are provided access to equipment for product reviews, given the opportunity to provide honest feedback to Fuji about their products based on real world usage,  and one where we may be hired occasionally to present on their behalf at speaking engagements or commissioned to provide work for them.

There are some incredibly talented photographers in the Official Fuji X Photographer team.  It is both humbling and exciting to be a part of this group of artists, and to help promote a company that has been very supportive of my own work in the past.

You can see my Official Fuji X Photographer profile on Fuji’s website here:


If you love photography I highly recommend spending some time on the site checking out the other photographer’s work.  It is inspiring.

A final thought:  I started this website years ago to share my photography, to share my writing, and to teach and educate a little here and there.  One thing that I have especially come to value has been the sense of community, and the friendships that have developed through my active involvement here, on my Instagram, and on my Twitter.  Being an Official

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