03 Mar Ode on Medium Format

Source: Olafs Photoblog

What is this fuss all about?

I am a pro … well, almost! I have a website or two, I’ve posted a few photos of benches and branches, I’ve annoyed some people in chatrooms and I have a very, very big zoom lens. This makes me a pro, doesn’t it? But there is one problem.

I have always wanted this full-frame stuff. My Canikon friends make fun of me whenever they see me running around with my APS-C size sensor. I am not really sure what this loaded name means but it’s apparently not as good as full frame. Now I understand how Donald Trump felt when the “fake media” made fun of his small hands. Bigly!

I also know why my photography has been so crappy. Sure I have two backpacks full of gear … well OK I will be honest … I am still missing this must-have XF 100-400 zoom lens. If I only had this lens I would have no problem shooting a five-million-dollar, Andreas Gursky-style snap of a river (I even have a river on my doorstep) and I would go after all the Zacks and LaRoques of this world. I could even chase Jarvis to stardom.

And then when my piggy bank was almost full after years of saving all the pocket money I got from my parents, they came up with this luxe toy! What the hell is medium format? Why is this so Vancouver-like expensive? I haven’t even had a chance to…

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