11 May NP-W126 batteries: Everything you wanted to know about

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NP-W126 batteries: Everything you wanted to know

Each of the Fujifilm X-System cameras requires a NP-W126 or the newer NP-W126S battery for their operation. It’s definitely a good thing that people having multiple bodies don’t need multiple battery types and multiple chargers. This allows me to carry a backup X-M1 or X-T1 to my main X-T2 body while having just a single type of batteries. A little less exciting fact is that the original Fujifilm batteries are quite expensive, particularly considering their capacity and the price of similar Li-Ion batteries. They can be bought at Amazon for about $65. Since you need quite few of them for real outdoor usage, it can cost you quite a lot. Note that their capacity is considerably lower than a typical DSLR camera battery, while Fujifilm X-System cameras require much more power than a typical DSLR. NP-W126 is rated for 350 frames in X-T2 according to CIPA standard. Real life figure can certainly differ in both directions significantly. In case of long exposures in freezing temperatures you can expect much lower, but in case of continuous shooting it can easily be double of the specification. Note that in case of DSLR, the specs are usually in the range of 1000-1300 frames per battery.

Original vs. non-original Fujifilm NP-W126 batteries

The alternative for the original batteries are third-party ones that are available under many brands from most sellers, usually for about $15, sometimes even lower than $10. However, are they at least as good as the original? Their description often claim rather unbelievable capacities (e.g. 1900mAh, while the original has 1200mAh!), while forum posts usually say that their capacity is lower than original. I decided to purchase few and measure by myself.

The Test

I started by taking series of long exposures (30s) and measuring the decrease of voltage in the battery. It would certainly work for battery comparison, but soon I decided that I’m not ready to use my almost new X-T2 just to test a bunch of batteries. So, I needed something to discharge the batteries, preferably with direct measurement of mAh. The easiest and cheapest option I found was iMAX B6 (about $30), a balance charger that’s capable of more that just charging. When it arrived, the process of measuring the batteries was finally fast and easy. I set it up to discharge it at 0.8 Amperes current and measured how much each battery can deliver…

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