21 Nov Norway revisited after 51 years: A perspective of Vik

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Regular Macfilos readers will remember a recent story which featured a black and white photograph, taken by me in 1967, of the main street in a Norwegian town. After all those years I couldn’t remember the name of the place. But by some rapid detective work, readers managed to track down the town as Vik and found a Google street view shot of the very street.

Now a Norwegian reader, Tor Berg, completed has the story. He wrote to Macfilos to explain that he is very familiar with Vik because he has a cabin in the mountains behind the town. Tor has provided a contemporary shot of the street, taken from the same point as my 1967 photo, as well as an image looking down from the other direction and a vista of the town from a viewpoint called Kyrelvstupet in the mountains behind Vik. 

Tor explained that the hotel, which featured prominently in the 1967 shot, was built in 1847 and was called the Hopstock Hotell. It was replaced in 1973 by a new establishment which burnt down in 2010. The hotel was subsequently rebuilt on a nearby site, but I suspect that dancing on the tables on evenings when the bar is candlelit has now been banned.

When I sat down to write this story, I searched for the original scan of the 1967 picture and, to my surprise, I found a colour scan sitting in my photo library. I have not had time to ferret out the original

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