28 Dec No resolutions, please!

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This used to be my resolution time. I sat at my desk and evaluated my successes and failures of the passing year. Then, I would jot down my New Year’s resolutions. It was as if those few words embedded on the LCD screen of my iPad would change my photographic life forever. Not anymore!

I learnt that it is not about resolutions, plans or even aspirations – all elusive and fleeting. It is more about finding the courage to let go.  

I know, it feels so good to make resolutions. Sometimes they are as grand as changing careers, starting your own firm or succeeding in a project, getting a new camera or taking just one blockbuster image. For many it is a feeling of belonging to a group, a way of thinking or a certain style.  

Either way, resolutions are usually flags planted in front of us in the hope they will boost us to follow the right path. Then, as the New Year progresses, we become so engrossed with reaching those flags that we stop being ourselves – we become efficiency machines, gurus of steps and improvements to put us on a pedestal in our times.

Resolutions work on an industrial, business or maybe even a personal level. However, if viewed as a creative endeavour, photography needs exactly the opposite. It needs tension and conflict, chaos, self-awareness and, most importantly, freedom from resolutions, concepts and photographic genres.

The best way to reach this freedom is to let

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