08 Jul No more reasons not to photograph – My story into Photography

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I grew up in Los Baños, Laguna, though I was born in Ilagan City, a province of Isabela. We were eight in the family, and since we were poor, my parents could not send us all at the same time to school. It was the 70’s and the height of social and political activism under the Marcos regime. I was restless.

Until I decided to find any job where I could earn and buy things my parents could not afford, personal things actually. Until one day, a friend of my mother was generous to offer support for my studies. He brought me to a town in the Samar province and was supported to study. It took me only two semesters, and then I went home to Los Baños. I was restless again.

Another family friend encouraged me to work with Plan International, a non-government organization. I was hired with some knowledge and skills I learned. That work brought my family and me to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Since then, I worked with different non-government after Plan International was history. Currently, I am on contract with a national government agency tasked to facilitate programs and projects for the community.

I used to love reading fiction but shifted to liking nonfiction (memoirs, feature stories) right now. My interest in prose prompted me to do self-study on fiction writing. But my work with non-government organizations forced me to leave that genre for technical reports and project studies.

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