02 Jun Nissin i60A Delayed For All But Canon

Source: Fuji Addict

It looks like our report on Sony Addict a few days ago about the delay of the Nissin i60A for Sony has developed into a delay for all but the Canon Nissin i60A. B&H Photo changed their Fuji Nissin i60A release date to July 25th.

Translated Press Release:

CP + 2016 had been announced at the release date of the new strobe small large amount of light “i60A”, it became a thing where I am allowed to change in the following manner.
【Change before】
May 2016 (for Sony) Other mount TBD

[After change]
August 2016 (for Sony) Other mount TBD
You can read the following news release (PDF format) in detail.
We are sorry for you I am waiting for customers.
To announce the official release date, so you thank you for patience.

Via Nissin.jp, Sony Addict

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