18 Jul Nikon Z fc vs Fujifilm X-T30: which is the better retro APS-C camera?

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Fujifilm has built its X-series brand around cameras that offer classic looks and traditional controls but have the latest camera technologies at their hearts. Nikon’s new Z fc looks to do something similar, but takes a slight different approach and has a famed historic range of classic SLRs to look back to, in terms of styling.

We’re going to take a closer look at how the Nikon Z fc compares with Fujifilm’s X-T30. The Fujifilm has a slightly lower list price, but both cameras are SLR-shaped APS-C mirrorless cameras with control systems based on dedicated control dials, which marks them out as being the most directly comparable.

Fujifilm also offers the X-S10, a slightly more expensive model that adds in-body image stabilization, which neither X-T30 or Z fc possess. However, although the X-S10 has a traditional SLR-like design, its control system is less dependent on dedicated dials, so offers a rather different user experience.

Controls (dials)

The most prominent aspect of both cameras are their dedicated control dials. These were essential controls on SLRs before the 1980s but were progressively replaced in electronic cameras by unmarked command dials that increasingly could be re-programmed to perform different functions in different contexts.

The two cameras differ a little in their approaches: the X-T30 has dedicated shutter speed and exposure compensation dials, and most X-mount lenses have their own aperture rings for controlling f-number. The Z fc has the same dials as the X-T30, plus

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