28 Feb Nik Collection 2.5 Launched

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Formby Beach at Sunset. Image processed using Nik Collection 2.5 and Color Efex Pro with the new film simulations.Pools of light on Formby Beach at Sunset. Processed using the new film simulations in the Nik Collection 2.5

Have you seen the news? There’s a new release of the Nik Collection. Much of the chatter is around the new film simulations in Color Efex Pro. In fact, I used one of these to process the image shown here.

Did this convince me to upgrade?

No, but I have upgraded. What convinced me was the improved compatibility with Affinity Photo 1.8. Viveza is now working correctly with 16-bit images and the horrible colour shift’s gone.

Viveza is a central plug-in to my workflow. The fact it didn’t work properly with Affinity Photo was a deal breaker for me. It prevented me from using Affinity Photo as much as I would like. I also found when using the Nik Collection with Affinity that some of the Plug-ins would vanish from time to time for no reason.

So far, everything appears to be working great and all the plug-ins displayed correctly in Affinity.

The upgrades also focussed my attention on the “Film Efex” filter in Color Efex Pro. This is a very useful filter and you can create some great results. I did cover it in my Color Efex Book but had forgotten how useful it was.

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