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I often tell myself, it would be nice if I can take the love for photography with me… where ever I go. I remember as a teenager, in the Eastern Block, looking at and absorbing every image from Photography magazines. Admiring the work of Bresson, Koudelka and Kartez, just to name few. Images had an amazing effect on me.

Failed miserably at all subject in school but painting, and even that I was so so. I needed to find my soul someplace… or in something. I live in Canada since 1976, worked in various jobs as a welder and became very good at it. Even so, I was missing something. So I opened a small Commercial Photography Studio.

I did well for a few years till digital came, and suddenly everybody was a photographer. Slowly I lost the passion for it and closed the Studio. Went back to welding witch was secure financially, but that is all. I sold all my equipment 4×5 Sinar, big Cannon lenses, Hasselblad, Power packs and such.

Fujifilm came with their digital cameras, so I decided to photograph again. The minute I picked up the Fuji X-T2 and the 35mm f/2 lens, I became alive again. The sharpness, the accuracy of the colours… overwhelmed me and Magic came back, and I was the happiest man alive. Soon I got Fuji the X-T3 and a couple of prime lenses.

I cannot explain, but the Fuji camera became an inseparable part of

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