13 Jul New York shoot for a Pholaborate documentary

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Pholaborate is a new online community of photographers with one thing in common – Passion for photography. It launches on July 15th and is a content rich, inspirational, mastermind group for serious photography enthusiasts that will feature collaborations with some of the world’s best image makers. The Pholaborate team are working hard to deliver originally produced, exclusive documentaries, as well as live webinar programming, member photo critiques, challenges and assignments all aimed at inspiring photographers.

1.  I shot Denisa in Prague earlier this year and she agreed to model for me in NYC for a revival shoot of a lighting style that I had created between 2008 and 2010. A gallery showcasing some of those original shots is here.

Pholaborate invited me to New York to be filmed for one of their one hour documentaries. They wanted to capture the ‘real me’ at work. The crew, from NYC, filmed me behind the scenes on a photoshoot. They filmed my preparation then the shoot itself. Once that was ‘in the can’ they recorded an interview with me at my rented Brooklyn apartment.

When I was first asked to do this I thought “What could be easier”? “What could possibly go wrong”? ‘Rock up, shoot, chat, goodbye’. Yeah right! One thing that life has taught me is these things are never as easy as they seem and the first barrier I usually come across is me. Anyway, without giving too much away this one hour documentary shows how I deal with really

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