31 Jan New XC15-45mm + X-A5

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Don’t you think this combo look so good, agree?

X-A5. Yes, you heard it right. Fujifilm decided to skip the number four. As an asian I could understand as the number four is not a number associated with good luck; rather it the opposite.

Shot with X-A5 + XC15-45mm.

So what makes the new 24.2 megapixel X-A5 different or better from its predecessor. Actually the top of the list is the lens that comes with it. The all new XC15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ. Its a handsome looking silver lens. On the wide side at 15mm which is about 23mm in 135 format. That is pretty wide for a kit lens. Perfect for landscape photography. I actually mounted this lens on a X-Pro2 and it also look damn sexy too! Actually I do find the respond is a tad faster when the XC lens is mounted on X-Pro2.

XC15-45mm mounted on X-Pro2.

So how did this lens perform? AF speed is not record-breaking but it’s certainly quick enough for any daily shooting workout. I love the wide side of the lens at F3.5. On the other end at 45mm which is about 67.5mm in 135 format; the F-stop is F5.6 which is nothing to shout about. The lens has a minimum working distance of just 5cm. Perfect for any close up photography. Another feature of XC lens is it has power zoom.  Its operated via the turning the ring on the lens. Not only

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