24 Sep New Gear at Photokina

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As you’ve probably discovered, I was unable to attend Photokina this year, which I was quite upset about, as I had an absolute blast there two years ago.  I also love being able to visit Germany when ever I can.  However, I still think it’s worth looking at some of the new gear that was announced this week, as there were some big announcements in the mirrorless world, with a brand-new system from Fujifilm, a long-awaited camera from Olympus, some huge video news from Panasonic and some new things for Sony E-mount as well.

Let’s start with what is the biggest announcement, in my opinion:

Fuji announces the new medium-format GFX 50S

Fujifilm has built the X-Series of APS-C mirrorless cameras into a very cohesive system for serious photographers in a relatively short time of 5 years.  Many have wished that Fuji would develop a full-frame system, but with Sony tearing it up in that department, Fuji has decided to skip over full-frame and go straight to medium format with its new GFX line. The first camera in this line is the new GFX 50S, which should be available in early 2017.

The new Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium Format mirrorless camera

Fuji borrowed fairly heavily from the design of the X-T2 for the aesthetics of this camera, and while the controls will be instantly familiar to those who have used recent Fuji cameras, this camera has some new tricks, starting with that sensor. The 50S features a 51.4…

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