29 Aug New eBook Photo Inspiration: The Stories Behind The Images – Vol. I

Source: Fuji X Passion

After several different cameras, lenses and a multitude of accessories, by now you have realised that the only way to improve your photography is not by acquiring the latest technology, but actually by consuming photography. Seeing the work that others do is a powerful tool that will give you the inspiration to experiment with new techniques and subjects, will motivate you to take your camera out and create something new.

Among tens of thousands of photos shared on Instagram with the tag #fujixpassion, we, the editors of Fuji X Passion, have personally selected all images in this eBook. Each of the 70 featured photographers will tell you the story behind the photo. What inspired them, the equipment used, the techniques, the settings, their post-processing workflow to get the final image. Yes, you can learn not from one, but 70 talented photographers! This type of content is priceless, and you won’t find it anywhere else on the web.


This summer, you will want to keep this ebook on your laptop or tablet and take it with you to read anywhere and anytime.

And because good photography never gets outdated, over the next few months or years, whenever you feel that you are in need of a good dose of inspiration, you will want to revisit this ebook and read it again.

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