13 Jan Never Too Late To Begin Photography. Seven Steps To Success

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Heswall Boats, Wirral, England.

During my journey from novice to enthusiastic devotee of creating art through photography, I kept notes along the way. I have distilled these notes of my struggles, frustrations, surprises, and the joys of taking “that photo” into 7 steps for others entering the starting gate on their own journeys. My first insight was that if I wanted take photographs that surprised the viewers and maybe even took their breath away, I would have to make a commitment to master a new skill.

My compositions capture the emotion and beauty of the moment. With cameras in hand, together with my husband, Terry Herbeck, a photographer and digital artist, we document the urban and open landscapes of our travels.

1. Be Brave – Find A Tribe And The Right Camera

I am living proof one can venture away from the automatic setting on a camera at 67 years of age. I pushed aside my fear of meeting new people and joined a local camera club. I found a group of warm and welcoming folks. Some would become friends and mentors, willing to give of their time to patiently help me navigate the complicated process of learning how to use manual settings on a camera.

I went to my local camera store to hold different models. The size and shape had to be comfortable and feel good in my hands; have heft, but not feel heavy. Holding it, carrying it, and bringing it up for a shot needed to feel natural. The dials and menus had to be easy to operate. I didn’t buy a camera on my first visit nor did I get bogged down with getting the most expensive brand or the one with the most pixels. I decided to buy the best camera I could afford….

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