17 Feb Natural Colours and Shapes on a Wet Day

Source: Maclean Photographic

As a landscape photographer I am often asked what do I do when the clouds gather and it starts to rain?  Well I certainly don’t pack up and go home if that is what you are thinking.  Up here in Scotland the weather can change very quickly and it is not impossible to have all four seasons in one day up here.

Now on my wall at home we have a small plaque and it says, “life is not about sheltering from the storm, it is learning to dance in the rain!”  Well this applies to photography as well and if the weather is not going quite to plan, then it is time to switch to Plan B or even Plan C.

When it is raining and the sky is overcast I go looking for natural shapes and colours, usually a copse or forest.  We found these silver birch trees on the side of a loch up in Sutherland and the muted orange and yellow colours of the bracken highlighted the silver branches and the green lichen.

Using the X-T2 and the XF50-140mm f2.8 lens I captured a variety of images, using the Velvia in camera film simulation to boost the colours.  It was an excellent 30 minute stop and by the time we moved on the rain clouds had also moved on and the light was starting to break through.

I just love Scottish weather.

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