06 Apr Myanmar: The Unknown Asian Treasure

Source: Fuji Love

Being an airline pilot, and travelling for a living, you sometimes learn to manage your expectations when it comes to exploring new places. Although the Hot Air Balloon trip in Bagan had been in our bucket list for quite a while, we expected Myanmar to be another “nice” country of South East Asia. We could not have been more wrong, as it surprised us more than we could have ever thought! The landscapes, the history, the culture, the food, but must of all its people, conquered our hearts from the very first moment we set foot in the country! Myanmar, formerly Burma, has been independent since 1948, but only recently opened to broader tourism as until 2015 it was quite complicated to obtain entry visas. This lack of massified tourism has kept the country and its “soul” still intact, which allow us photography enthusiasts to capture candid and genuine images. I can’t emphasise enough how incredible Burmese people are. They are happy to see tourists in their country, and they are sometimes also as interested in us as we are in them, especially the people that come from remote and small areas, and had limited exposure to foreigners. You always […]

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