27 Jul My X-Transformer Guide Updated

Source: Fujifilm Insider

If you currently own my X-Transformer Guide, the update is free, and you can find it in your downloads page on the store account. If you need help finding updates I have a help centre article about how to re-download.

Here is a list of what is changed from the previous version. You can also find this information on the guide beta release notes page on my help centre.

Cleaned up the language in several parts of the document to correct some minor grammar and structural issues.
Added instructions for installing the new Lightroom plug-in.
Added instructions for using the new Lightroom plug-in.
Added additional details about the new options in the DNG Options panel.
Added a new workflow for processing files using the plug-in.
Removed the “edit in” workflow as the plug-in method replaces this.
Now 37 pages long.
Updated recipe presets to fix typos in the names.

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