20 Feb My X journey with Fujifilm

Source: Fuji Love

My first Fujifilm camera was Fuji X100s bought 3 years ago. Thanks to the fact that the camera was light, I always had it with me. As a result of a small and unobtrusive construction I could take pictures unnoticed. I was closer to the photographed events which resulted in better photographs. I felt also, that the manual, old-fashioned controls enhanced my user experience.

Hurricane “Barbara” – Was taken in late December 2016 in the west beach in Ustka. Hurricane “Barbara” was raging on the Baltic Sea with the force 10 on the Beaufort scale. It is one of the last photograph that have done that day. The beauty and power in one, over which it is impossible to control.

After some time, I noticed that for most of the time, my Nikon camera lies unused. I used Nikon only for special tasks, where Fuji X100s was not enough….

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