27 Jul My thoughts about the “older” X-T1

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Now it’s been a while using X-T1 in my work for 100% of time. I have shot lot of different things and most are in challenging for every camera – low light, hard sun light, fast moving objects and catching decisive moment on wedding day.

What’s in my bag?
I try to keep my gear small and versatile as possible. So I use one (rarely two) X-T1 with battery grip, XF16-55 F/2.8 and XF50-140 F/2.8 lenses and XF1.4TC teleconverter. According to job I do, I add or remove from my bag flash – Youngnuo 586 (Nikon). Four batteries in total and charger if needed.

Battery life
This is topic I was most anxious about. But it’s not topic to worry about. From one battery I get near 800-900 shots in all situations. In last couple week I have shot street basketball event for FIBA, wedding and Rallycross race. For example shooting sequences in basketball game I got little over 4300 shots from 4 full batteries. So I don’t see reason to be worried about battery life at all.

Camera ergonomics
Switching from Nikon system first it was hard to get used to X-T1, as i had used to back button focusing, which is not possible on X-T1 body, because button placement for this is very uncomfortable. Dials are easy to use, except ISO dial. It’s hard to make fast changed on a go without removing camera from my eye, because for lock button on top of it.


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