11 Feb My story with Fuji

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My name is Stefan. and I’m a 38-year-old enthusiast photographer from Bucharest, Romania.

Seeing other reviews and stories from so many photographers is making me feel a bit like a black sheep when it comes to photography. You see, I didn’t always have this passion. As a matter of fact, I thought about photography for the first time when I visited New York in October 2017.

iPhone 6s . @4.15mm . f/2.2 . 1/30″ . ISO 100 – New York shot on iPhone 6s

Of course, I travelled quite a lot until then, but I was always satisfied with the pictures I took on my mobiles or on a few Canon point-and-shoots.

Upon buying my ticket to New York I realised that I needed a camera. Even though I left the country for about 16-17 trips in the past three years I had no real camera. So, I did what any simple traveller does. Looked at the big brands I knew. Canon, Nikon and Sony.

I never considered buying a used camera so after a short battle with myself I ended up with a brand-new Sony A5000 with the infamous kit lens. Yes, I know what you might be thinking. I could have bought a used Fuji or even a used Sony A6000, but I was cheap. I just wanted a camera and didn’t care much about the lenses that I will be using. 

I had no idea about aperture, ISO or shutter speed and to be

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