08 Aug My photographic reborn story with Fuji X system

Source: Fuji Love

“Fuji X is like entering a new relationship you might have some reservations at the beginning, you might have to break through some barriers, but what you find is a deep passion and a new love for an inspiring… new start.”

I am a Photographer of over ten years now and I am completely self taught, I was a Nikon addict for most of my photographic journey shooting Strobe, Portraiture, Landscape, HDR, Sports and so on, so you might call me an all rounder.

Like some photographers I lost my inspiration at times and retired my camera to its place of rest until I felt the creative juices flowing again. I even started a photographic club for beginners, which had well over a hundred members for a few years and I found as much enjoyment teaching as I did shooting. However, slowly over the past couple of years I had lost my inspiration again. Why? Was it due to trying to compete with the best? Was I not happy with the work I was producing? Was I fed up of carrying all that equipment around and competing in the market of buying the most expensive equipment?

So here is my reborn story, I have always had photographers I aspire to be like; we all do and there are so many, but if I could name one in particular, it would be Bert Stephani from Belgium. He started commercial and personal work with Canon many years ago and I loved the way

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