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Although Fujifilm is my favorite camera manufacturer I cannot completely switch over, because I encounter too many occasions in my professional jobs, where I find myself in a low light environment. On the DSLR side I have the focus grid light and a full frame sensor being better for low light performance. Once I realized that the X-T2 (with the best original x-glas available) does not completely suit my personal requirements, I sold it together with the D810 in order to acquire the D850 to go with it as my only camera. For the lightweight situation I am using the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8.
My recent interest in video prevented me to be fully satisfied with the fact, that I cannot use it with my gimbal and only may use the manual focus. So there came the idea to try the recently released Fujifilm X-E3 just as an addition to the D850.

The one thing I want to clarify: I always liked the Fujifilm picture quality. I just did not want to use a Crop Camera just because it felt nice to use it and because it was ergonomically more comfortable to use a lightweight system. If it was not so expensive and limited in usage, I would have switched to medium format already… The X-T2 was too close to the D810 and deciding between those two which one to use on each specific job was too hard. So I ended up not using the D810 very often and every single time when I compared the picture depth of the full frame to the crop format picture from the same distance I ended up liking the full frame more.
But put the X-T2 on the grip and use the 16-50 or the 50-140 and you look fully professional. Actually I have then a fully professional setup being capable of just anything you desire. But is it better than the D850 with 24-70 E or the 70-200 FL? No, it just is not. And having both is somehow frustrating when you have to decide to get along with the Fujifilm instead of the bulkier system, just because you wanted to be a little bit more lightweight. (I don’t do any sports or wildlife photography)

But still I missed the Fujifilm every time I wanted to travel lightweight. And now with the release of the X-E3 there is another chance for me to use both cameras in parallel, because the X-E3 is less pro-level oriented and apart from that I only acquired the „18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 OIS“ and the „27mm f/2.8 pancake“ lenses for lightweight travel usage. From the professional point of view I acquired the X-E3 just for video….

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