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Another view of the Dog Walker from Friday’s post

Friday’s post has stirred up some strong feelings. Rather than trying to answer the comments directly and risk repeating myself, I thought I would share a quick update. There are a few more things that I want to add to my previous post.

First, one reason why I felt a little concerned was that I purchased a few of the Topaz products only a few months ago. I was worried that I would be asked for an additional payment almost immediately if I wanted to upgrade. This together with the switch to the annual license fee was making me uncomfortable.

Second, the cost for one annual license is $49 but what’s the cost for all my products? It turns out that you can buy an annual license covering all products for $99. This still isn’t cheap but it’s a little less worrying. Importantly though, you can continue to use your software even though the license has expired. It just means you won’t receive SOME of the future releases. You continue to receive maintenance fixes even if your license has expired. It’s only the new features you don’t receive. I found a useful Pricing page on the Topaz site explaining this on the Topaz site.

Based on this information and some further thinking, I decided to log into my account to

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