16 Aug My ‘New’ EDC Camera: The X100F

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It’s been a busy few months reviewing some amazing gear from both Fujifilm and Leica. The GFX 50S, GFX100S, the Leica SL2, Q2, and Q2 Monochrom. After returning all these fancy-pants cameras, I was left staring at my ‘normal’ gear. Which of these cameras would I take with me as I go about my everyday life? Recently someone asked me if the four-year-old X100F was ‘still enough?’ My answer was that it depended on their photographic needs, but the premise of the question really bothered me. Do people think that a four-year-old camera is no longer relevant? In turn, since I get to review the latest and greatest cameras, would I still be happy with a four year old camera? At that moment I decided to challenge myself. I would use the X100F as my EDC (Every Day Carry) for the next couple of weeks. What would I consider as an EDC camera? It’s any camera we’re willing to take with us everywhere we go, even when we’re not necessarily planning to take pictures. If, for you, that’s the GFX100S, then go for it. For me, it has to be small enough to fit into a sling bag, or at […]

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