16 Jan My Mundane But Effective Routine During the Pandemic

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Routine is an important part of photography. That doesn’t sound very inspiring, but I’ve never considered the act of taking a photograph as exciting. Unlike a performance art form like music or dance, no one is inspired by watching a photographer taking a picture, except for other photographers. Photography is like fishing: a lot of waiting around, checking out different locations, playing with gear, and hoping to catch the big one. For example, landscape photographer Michael Kenna reads books and listens to music while capturing one of his 8-10 hour exposure night images. Again, not very exciting, but that’s one routine he’s incorporated into the workflow that helps him capture amazing photographs. Due to the pandemic, I’ve spent much of my time photographing at night and alone. It’s been difficult to motivate myself to get out and take pictures, but I’ve created a routine that has proven reasonably successful for my photography. When it came to my pre-pandemic photography routine, I had a walking route for my street photography. I would park my car in Strathcona, walk into Chinatown, make my way to downtown, Gastown, and then back. I would walk past the same buildings, the same businesses, talk with […]

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