13 Mar My mobile editing workflow in Iceland

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The introduction of full resolution image transfer from camera to the smartphone over wireless technology has been a revelation and increased my ability to share images.

You see I tend to sit on photographs which reside on my desktop or laptop computer. I flit around between folders and trips and edit images on a whim. I believe this is because I have a very little specific purpose for them, I don’t shoot to deadlines of publications often.

I spend my time on trips, transfer my images and then just edit as and when I feel a desire to share something.


Sunset at Kirkjufell
The last time I was here in Nov 2016 we had to get mentally prepared for the wind and rain. Run around the back of the waterfall and grab a quick photo with the Kirkjufell barely visible through the dense fog. What a difference a few months make. Time to wander around the whole area and make the most of the amazing ice patterns and this iconic mountain with a beautiful glow from the sunset.

 Instagram stories

Let’s face it Instagram is my biggest audience (and I think a lot of photographers can say the same) and it’s also the outlet where I find the most enjoyment interacting with people about images, places, and lots of other random things. Instagram stories have opened up the ability to share more than 1 image a day, it’s huge.

Instagram stories now gave me a motivation to share images I’d taken on a specific day.

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