26 Jun My Journey into Street Photography and Fujifilm

Source: Fujifilm Insider

What inspired me to pick up my camera and hit the streets? Long story short, for me it was the birth of my daughter back in 2013 and a photographic exhibition in 2016.

Flashback to December 2013. The birth of my daughter was the impetus to intensify my involvement with photography. Like so many new fathers, I wanted to have “good” pictures of my kid. Therefore, I started exploring the web and got myself a Sony RX100. Used to photo quality of a mobile phone, I was at first stunned by the image quality of the little Sony. However, the camera itself was way too small for my taste and I never felt like a “photographer” when using this camera. Also, the constant fiddling with the menus was starting to get on my nerves really quick….

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