16 Feb My Initial Thoughts On The New Fujifilm X-H1

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Wow!  Fujifilm has done it again!  From everything I”ve read and seen over the past two days, the X-H1 appears to be another excellent camera from Fujifilm.  I predict it will be a best seller.  But….  I don’t think I’ll be buying one.  Why?  Well, its too bad it has the same X-Trans III sensor and same image processor as my X-T2 or it would be a no-brainer to buy it along with the power grip.  Unfortunately, it will have the same image quality as my current camera so I would have a very difficult time justifying spending $2200 US for this fabulous new tool.  But that doesn’t take away anything from this new camera.

That being said, here are some of my initial thoughts about the new Fujfilm X-H1:

H is for hybrid, obviously.  Will an X-T3 be introduced at Photokina as rumored or will this new flagship camera take the place of the XT series?  Just a thought.  Will sales of the new X-H1 cannibalize sales of the X-T2 and can Fujifilm afford another full featured line of cameras?

The X-T2 is larger than the T1.  The H1 is larger than the T2.  That is the wrong direction for me.  My 5 year photographic journey has been and continues to be going toward smaller, lighter, less expensive photo gear but keeping high image quality.  This looks as big as a decent sized DSLR.  In my mind, the X-T2 is just the right size but the Fujifilm lenses are still bigger than what I want to carry around.  But I understand the necessity of the bigger H1 body with IBIS and all of its necessary infrastructure packed inside the body.

Speaking of IBIS.  That is one feature I really have wanted.  5-axis as well.  That is a BIG positive for me.  I’m a fan of IBIS and, contrary to what some say, IBIS is a good thing, not a detriment—if engineered properly.

The top panel LCD seems to be wasted space.  We didn’t need it before and I”m not sure why we need one now.

I don’t mind having to push the EV compensation button, then rotate the dial to engage EV compensation.  That’s the way my Nikons were and am very comfortable with that.  It is just as quick if not quicker than moving the EV dial as it is now….

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