04 Jan My Icelandic journey with the X-T2 and how I ended up with Fuji

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The beginning of September, just a few days left, will the X-T2 be delivered?
It’s time, the first week of September, just a few days left before Marc and I take a plane to Iceland. For me this is the second time visiting Iceland. The first time was in 2011 and I was totally captivated by the landscape, extreme weather and ever changing conditions.
A week before departure I’m getting anxious. Will my X-T2 be here in time before I leave. I contact the store and they confirm, “next week it will be here”. This is cutting it close. Busy with work, doing final preparations, suddenly the phone rings… “Hi, we have your camera here and will send it first thing to your address.” Ohh my, I will take the X-T2 to Iceland! Respect to Cameranu.nl that did everything possible to get my whole kit to me in time over three days in different shipments, without any extra costs or trouble!
Yes! On the way to the airport.

First, my journey through photography
It took me a while and a detour to end up with Fujifilm. I started with Minolta and Sony and continued with Sony till the A99. An excellent camera, but after saying goodbye to professional photography I traded it all in for a lightweight kit from Olympus.
In the end the wide angle option with filters just wasn’t there for me at Olympus, but boy I

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