10 May My goal? To never use RAW processing again.

Source: Fujifilm X Blog

By Camille McMillan

I used to love the magic of the dark room, the processing of the film, the image appearing on the paper in the chemistry.  I have never found that magic with Capture One or any form of RAW processing.

Transparency film that was always a magic experience, dropping the film at the lab and wait the hour ( back in the day ) and there would be the magic object in your hand.

I cut my teeth on E6 ( Tranny ). E6 taught me how to expose and the importance of understanding what a 3rd of a stop can do to an image.

Using my old school knowledge, I now put it to work by getting the final image straight out of camera (SOOC) with my Fujifilm digital system.

There is a walk near my house which is a 3 hour loop that I intend to walk regularly. I’m intending to revisit the same locations as the seasons change. This particular walk is a kind of recce… once I have walked it a few times I will know the places I wish revisit again and again.

“This day in March was not a dynamic day in terms of light… it was overcast, fog and cloud coming in, the smell on impending snow and that blank white-box sky”

For the walk I explored the B&W + R film simulation mode as I didn’t want colours distracting from the shapes & forms.

I set the camera to sharp +1, highlight +2, shadow +2 and on…

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