29 Jun My Full Review of the Fujifilm X70 – Dan Bailey’s Adventure Photography Blog

My journey with the Fujifilm X Series camera began with the X10. It was so much fun to hike and bike with that little camera; I felt so liberated and I loved the color and look of the images it produced.

Of course, the X10, and the subsequent X20 and X30 had pretty small 2/3″ sensors, so even though I sold a few large reproduction photos to clients I shot with that camera, on the overall scale, it couldn’t really compete on a pro level with the higher end models.

Problem solved. This year, Fujifilm revamped the line and introduced the X70, which brought full X Series image quality and performance into a pocket sized camera. With the 16MP X-Trans sensor, the X70 is essentially an entry level version of the X100, and even though it has a slightly wider lens, it still has the same classic design and produces the same image quality as the X100 and almost every other model in the line.

Being such a huge fan of the X10, of course, I had to get one of these. And guess what? I suddenly felt that same sense of liberation that I felt with the X10, only I didn’t have to sacrifice image quality.

This is huge. As much as I love the compact nature of my X-T1 and X-T10, there are some times when I simply don’t want to lug around an interchangeable camera. It’s super easy to carry the  little Fujifilm X70 in my pocket, which means for minimal