20 Feb My Fuji Lightroom Guide Updated

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

I have just released a minor upgrade to my Fuji Lightroom Guide. The book entitled “Workflow and Settings For Processing Fuji X-Trans images in Lightroom” has been updated to take into account some of the more recent changes to Lightroom, including some of the different terminology and so on. It also adds mention of newer 26mp X-Trans cameras. The version number for this is now 1.8. This will probably be the last free upgrade for this guide, as I am now working on a second edition. Here is a list of the specific changes:

Updated information on the release version.

New Cover!

Added note about the addition of “Enhance Details”.

Added details on how to set the colour profile in Lightroom 7.4 or later.

Added details on how to save settings as defaults.

Changed some terminology regarding sharpening guidelines.

Specific mention of 26mp X-Trans cameras.

Added section on Enhanced Details.

Updated information on how to install presets for the newer version of Lightroom.

Please note that the accompanying presets download has been reorganised to make it easier to install on different versions of Lightroom, but there are no new presets. If you have already installed these, you don’t need to re-install them.

This is a free update for anyone who has already purchased the guide. You can download the updated version from your account. See this help centre article for detailed instructions on how to download updates.

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