08 Dec My Fuji journey… Not to the Mountain!

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First of all, thank you very much for this opportunity!

My Name is Ahmet and I’m from Munich, Bavaria in South Germany. Maybe you know the biggest Beerfest in the World called „Oktoberfest“… Yeah, that’s where I’m currently living.

I love the city, because of its facets… There are the real Bavarian People, which are difficult to understand sometimes, the wannabe Rich People and „normal“ people…. That’s Munich in a nutshell.

Although the city is known for beer, I drink non-alcoholic beer only. I’m not into alcohol so much, which does not mean I’m boring… If I go out to dance or just to have fun with friends, I’m often the most „drunk“ person.

Some other facts about me:
1. I’m an HVAC Engineer and I love it. I love my job, not only because of the income but mostly because of the creativity. You have to think about so many crazy stuff, which non-Engineers would never Imagine.
2. Besides Photography, I love it to draw, listen to music (about 80% of my day just by the way), and my biggest hobby is being the father of my daughter. I love to educate her and play with her. To see her growing up is just my most passionate hobby.

My job and my family are also a big inspiration for my Photography. My job gives me another view of everything, and that’s giving me some random shots.

My Family also shows me everyday a completely different angle to look at my

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