02 Jan My Favorite Photos of 2020

Source: Admiring Light

Every year I look back at the photos I’ve taken and assemble a collection of my favorites. Not all my favorites make the cut, and these may not be the very best photos I took during the year, but they are a selection that I like the most, for whatever reason. When I looked back on the images I took this year, several from earlier in the year seem like they were taken ages ago, as the pandemic has really messed with my perception of time.

I did not write a whole lot this year, with a paltry 8 articles written on the site during 2020 (though this will make two in 2021 in the span of two days!). A lot of that was due to being busy with things at work and home, and by the end of the day the motivation to write was just not particularly there.

I did, however, get out to shoot moderately regularly, and I looking back through my images, I was actually quite pleased with the photos I got this year, despite being essentially stuck in Ohio the entire year. I’ve got a large backlog of reviews to get through (I have at least 8 lenses that I have tested that I have not yet written the reviews for yet), and hope to knock through those fairly quickly here at the beginning of the year. I also dabbled a bit with film this year for the first time in a

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