24 Nov My Camera Set-Up and Settings for Fuji X Cameras

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Hi everyone, and welcome to this blog post on the camera settings I use with the Fuji X System. This is a question I have received several times and it often comes up during workshops where I see so many folks struggling with their cameras and settings. Now, while the focus of this post is centered around my Fuji cameras, I will say that the best set-up is the one that works for you and makes you feel confident as you operate your camera. And in order to do that you need to learn the operations of your camera system forwards and backwards, develop an understanding of how you want to approach your photography, and then practice until it becomes automatic. The last thing you need to be doing during the moment of capture is to fumble with your camera or the settings.

Mr. Lincoln No 2. • The Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Washington, DC. Fuji x-T2 and a Fujinon XF10-24mm f4 OIS. Image exposed at ISO 1200 at f4 for 3 seconds.

I set up my X-T2 and my X-Pro 2 in exactly the same way. The reason for this is simple; no matter which camera I grab out of the bag, I know what the settings are and that the two camera bodies will function in the same way. With only some subtle variations, I use the same settings and set up for all of my various photographic endeavors – landscape, street, architecture, and portraits. It is all

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