23 Aug My 3 favourite lenses for the Fuji X-series

A question I get asked very often is “what is your favourite Fuji lens?” or “what lenses would you recommend?”, and I’ve found myself struggling to come up with an answer. That’s not to say I don’t recommend Fuji lenses, quite the contrary, all the Fuji lenses I own can get the job done and produce stellar images, that’s why it can be rather difficult to choose a favourite among them. After being a X-series user for almost 4 years, I feel like I can finally come up with a list of 3 favourite lenses. Let me start off by saying there will be no zoom lens on this list as I am strictly a prime shooter. The 3 lenses that are in heavy rotation are XF35mm f/2, XF56mm f/1.2, and XF14mm f/2.8.

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